Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Backyard Birding...and Beyond! Channel Trailer Now Online

Backyard Birding Bird and Wildlife Videos
Backyard Birding...and Beyond! Channel Trailer. Some of the Greatest Hits!
I finally created a channel trailer for the companion YouTube channel for this blog - Backyard Birding...and Beyond! It's sort of a greatest hits sampler to give people an idea of what the channel is all about and hopefully entice them to watch and subscribe. It is made up of short clips from 23 different videos. If nothing else I hope it is an entertaining three minutes of nature enjoyment.

This is the text that accompanies the video on YouTube -
The home of wild Eastern Screech Owls...this is Backyard Birding ....and Beyond!  Sharing original HD videos of birds and Nature in general observed in our backyard and in our travels. Our goal is to capture the unique moments when creatures interact naturally or reveal something unusual. Sometimes funny and cute, beautiful, or surprising and shocking, but always real, wild, and original. New HD videos are uploaded each week and Eastern Screech Owls are live each spring. Also free bird-call ringtones!  A companion blog - Screech Owls...and Nature is at: . Thanks for visiting - Adventure is as near as the Backyard! If you like what you see please subscribe, comment and share to help support our work.

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Original  source videos from this channel used in this trailer video:  Funniest and Cutest Baby Owls   Transformer Owl and Squirrel Screech Owlet Leaves the Nest Screech Owl Outside the Nest Box  Amazing Pileated Woodpecker Calls Female Downy Woodpecker Calls  Baby Hummingbird Heartbeat Face-Off Dove Versus Woodpecker Hummingbird Dominated by Butterfly  Flying Squirrel Ghost of the Forest Waterfalls of Letchworth State Park