Thursday, November 14, 2013

Yellow Rumped Warbler Hovering in Slow Motion

Yellow Rumped Warbler Hovering

A Yellow Rumped Warbler hovering in slow motion (120 fps) for over 9 minutes set to the Blue Danube Watlz. This is the same Warbler filmed close up in full HD at normal speed in :
Slow motion reveals the amazing ability of the Yellow Rumped Warbler to hover to feed from a suet feeder. For short bursts its wings beat almost as fast as a hummingbird and have an element of rotation to them reminiscent of a hummingbird. It also uses its tail feather to assist in movement back and forth and for stability. Hover time is most impressive between the 4 and 5 minute mark of the video. Very few small songbirds in the world can display this level of energy and athletic ability. These time lapses take place over a period of several hours. The Warbler triggered the motion detection software  almost 100 times. Quite an extraordinary performance - set to the appropriate Blue Danube Waltz (courtesy of YouTube's Audio Library). I edited out the parts where the Warbler was sitting on the branch. In slow motion the sitting part took up most of the videos. The camera was triggered by motion so sometimes I got the whole trip to the feeder and sometimes just the beginning or end so I put together all the "action" parts over several hours.

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