Friday, February 7, 2014

International Festival of Owls - March 7-9 Houston, Minnesota

International Festival of Owls

Billed as the "only full-weekend, all-owl event in North America" the International Festival of Owls runs from March 7-9, 2014 in Houston, Minnesota. Sounds like a great time for owl-lovers - a whole weekend dedicated to owls with programs for children and adults with lots of live owls and owl-related events and a photography contest.  For the more serious owl aficionados, there are internationally known speakers, the annual World Owl Hall of Fame awards, and special Outdoor Owl Photography sessions. If you love owls this sounds like a lot of fun for a good cause. 

The mission of the International Festival of Owls is to: 
- spark a personal connection to owls and the environments we share with them
- provide financial support for the Houston Nature Center
- stimulate tourism in the Houston area

Why an International Festival of Owls in Houston, Minnesota you might ask?  Check out their web page and find out for yourself!

Great Horned Owl

Alice the Great Horned Owl. The festival started as a celebration of her hatch-day.

(c) Images by Ingavalson