Monday, June 9, 2014

Robin Hovers - Like A Hummingbird

An American Robin hovers like a hummingbird? OK - maybe not "hummingbird-like", but this rather rotund Robin has developed a taste for suet and is determined to defy gravity to get it. First trying to hover its not-so-aerodynamic bird frame at great expense of energy and then gradually learning it is to better imitate a woodpecker by using its tail for a brace and flapping wings while holding on and then ultimately learning to properly grasp  the suet feeder and consume massive amounts of greasy food almost like a professional woodpecker - which by the way - it has a habit of scaring off now! Rare for Robins to display such personality and pluck among the other birds that rule the trees!

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American Robin Hovers - Like A Hummingbird