Sunday, September 21, 2014

Black Widow Spider Identification and Behaviour

Black Widow behavior, female and male identification, nest or web ID  and egg sac information. Black Widows are one of  the most poisonous spiders in North America, but are generally nocturnal and shy and go to great lengths to avoid confrontation with people as shown in the video. Landscaping work - especially clearing yard debris - or in my case moving rocks is where one is likely to encounter these dangerous spiders. Wear gloves, pants and long sleeve shirts helps reduce the risk of a bit. Eggs sacs may be spiked as in this case or smoother. My philosophy is to let these spiders be in the wild, but to exterminate them anywhere near houses and patios. Brown Widows in my experience tend to live in closer contact with humans - liking lawn and patio furniture in particular - see:
All widow "webs" are messy things with debris and may look abandoned, but you can be sure the mother is hiding in a crevice nearby - and eggs sacs are a sure sign. 

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 Video: Black Widow Spider Identification and Behaviour