Thursday, September 25, 2014

Haunting Screech Owl Calls For Halloween

A most amazing recording of a female Eastern Screech Owl calling in an unusual manner was captured during this years breeding season as she was sitting on three eggs. This is probably a type of contact call with the male outside in a nearby tree - but is unusual for a Screech Owl call. With dozens of hours of recordings this is the only time I can recall the rhythmic trilling going on for so long. The original recording: was captured live and lasts almost an hour with approximately one minute between calls. The original video audio trace is shown below.  This short two minute video Haunting Screech Owl Calls for Halloween - contains highlights of the extended live recording and was made by editing together the first 18 consecutive calls of seven seconds each compressed in time. The audio trace of this shorter video is shown below. Also, and audio trace of an individual call is shown below and each of these calls contains more than 70 segments. You can see the owls entire body shake as she makes these amazing calls! Enjoy......

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Eastern Screech Owl Recording
Audio Trace of Original Live Recording - 27 Calls in about 25 minutes.

Eastern Screech Owl Recording
Audio Trace of the Remix Video of the first 18 calls cut into seven second sections

Eastern Screech Owl Recording
Audio Trace of an individual Screech Owl haunting call - Over 70 segments in each call.

Eastern Screech Owl
This is what Mrs. Owl looks like in daytime