Sunday, October 26, 2014

Inspirational Chipmunk Starts Its Day

Inspiring Chipmunk - starts its day with a great attitude despite a brutal injury to its right front leg. A little hello "Chip" a spit bath and then tending to its injury then listening to the daily news being chirped by its neighbors and surveying its territory and then a snack and off on its busy day with dignity and no self pity. Its rare that one gets to "know" an individual chipmunk, but because of its severe injury, probably due to a foxes jaw that it escaped from it is easily identifiable and its unique habit of collecting corn cobs in and around its burrow made it easy to spot. It may be that the corn cob fence it constructed around its burrow give it a greater sense of security due to it's close call. I observed this particular Eastern Chipmunk much of the summer and early fall and may do a documentary on the fascinating little fellow!

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Eastern Chipmunk in burrow