Sunday, March 15, 2015

Eastern Screech Owl Catches Rare Tokay Gecko

Male Eastern Screech Owl calls excitedly after catching a rare large wild invasive Tokay Gecko. Tokay Gecko's are very aggressive compared to smaller Geckos and native to Southeast Asia. They are popular pets so this one was no doubt someones pet in the past. With two winters in a row without a freeze the tropical Tokay's could survive and grow quite large, much larger than any native lizard, but it is doubtful they can propagate. Tokay Geckos are nocturnal and eat other arboreal lizards and frogs, and can potentially prey on small nestling birds and rodents . It has even been observed eating a juvenile corn snake. Interesting that the nesting Screech Owls are getting some of their better protein from large imported species like Cuban Tree Frogs and Geckos, they have discriminating palates and doing their part to limit the spread of invasive species naturally - beats a native giant cockroach any day! More info on Tokay Geckos at:
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Screech Owl Catches Rare Tokay Gecko