Thursday, April 16, 2015

Trained Gray Squirrel and Blue Jay Friends

Wild Gray Squirrels and Blue Jays training to wait for me to open the door in the morning to be fed peanuts. First I trained the squirrels to wait and come 

but it didn't take long for the extremely intelligent and observant Blue Jays who I occasionally hand feed to adjust their busy schedules and gatecrash the squirrel feeding session. It can get a little hectic for about 10 minutes in the morning, but they are a fun bunch to jump start the day. The entire family of squirrels and Blue Jays join in and for the most part its orderly. This is a recording of a mornings activity. See Hand Feeding my Blue Jay Buddy at:

Be extremely careful if you attempt to hand feed squirrels they are farsighted and notice their eyes are on the side of their heads and they will accidentally bite - notice that I only hold the very end of a peanut and keep my fingers away to make it easy to grab. I would suggest never extending an open hand with food in it to a wild squirrel! I also do not recommend over-feeding squirrels - just give them a bit to supplement their diets and maintain some discipline so they wont become dependent.

Trained Gray Squirrel