Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Fascinating Fire Ant Meditation

Fascinating, relaxing Nature Meditation. A Colony of Red Fire Ants is expanding - an army of ants is on the move. Contemplate over 30 minutes of approximately 40-50 thousand ants moving both ways across your screen in HD. Watch mathematical patterns and social roles unfold before your eyes, try and make sense of their complex society or just relax and watch their intricate interactions. Why do only a few out of thousands actually pick up and carry the poison bait? What are the ants up to - what are they talking about - will they take over the earth? Seriously though, they are fascinating - and dangerous to humans and animals. Red imported fire ants have been reported to reduce ground-nesting populations of rodents and birds. In certain instances, the RIFA may completely eliminate ground-nesting species from a given area. Because there is a 10 to 20 year lapse before reductions in bird populations are observed, it has been suggested that actual effects of the RIFA on animal populations may be underestimated. 

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Fire Ant Army