Saturday, December 26, 2015

Squirrel Mother and Father - Tender Moments - Beautiful Music

Squirrel Mother and Father

Gray Squirrel Parents show incredible tenderness with the father attending to grooming and massaging the Mother who has been nursing three kittens for almost two months and no doubt needs some attention. It is very rare to capture this parent bonding behavior on film. This kind of non-sexual interest in the Mother's well-being is rather striking and charming and implies there is much more to squirrels than just base "animal" instincts. Typically the male who in this case is the "Bull Squirrel of the Backyard" has nothing to do with raising the young and is rather gruff - see  - Male Gray Squirrel Dominance Behavior
The story of this incredible mother raising her three Kits whom she spends a lot of time grooming and cleaning to keep them healthy in the cramped nest is at this Playlist:

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