Thursday, October 17, 2013

Baby Hummingbird Rescue - an Original Nature Documentary

A fledgling Ruby-Throated Hummingbird crashed into our lives high in the Smoky Mountains of western North Carolina in late August 2013. Over the course of the next five hours we nursed the little hummer back to health and released it back to the wild hoping the mother would return. When she did - the drama was just beginning. We tell the story in full HD in: Baby Hummingbird Rescue - an original Nature Documentary. The story of a young Ruby Throated Hummingbird's wild and rocky first day out of the nest. Includes extreme closeup video of the birds rescue and reunion with its mother. Some of the interactions between the mother hummingbird and the fledgling out of the nest have not been put on film before. Please enjoy!

Hummingbird Rescue Kit - We were fortunate we could assist this little bird, but feeding hummingbirds and now knowing we might be called upon to rescue one - we have completed a "Hummingbird Rescue Kit" based on information from
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A very hungry young Hummer - Feeding fresh nectar by hand.