Sunday, October 6, 2013

Catbird Produces, Directs, Writes, and Stars in His Own Movie!

Gray Catbird at Suet Feeder stars in own movie

Catbird - the Movie. Catbirds have never been known to be shrinking violets. This Catbird raises the bar by producing, directing, writing and starring in its own movie! But its not just any movie, Catbird came up with the novel idea of a bird movie....within a bird movie. Sort of an art house concept. Brilliant! Big stars can be hard to work with - in this case Catbird had a tendency to wipe it's greasy beak on the camera equipment between takes.

Truth be told I had a camera trap set up for woodpeckers feeding on a suet holder but this Catbird had taken to calling the suet his own and vigorously defending it for several days. You will note he quickly chases away a Yellow-Rumped Warbler who also had a taste for suet and would have to sneak in a bite whenever the Catbird wasn't looking.

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