Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Cute Little Red Squirrel Husks a Huge Walnut - Time Lapse Video

Red Squirrel Husks a Huge Black Walnut

A little Red Squirrel husks a huge and still quite green Black Walnut. This walnut is about the size of a regulation baseball and about the same weight and too heavy for the little squirrel to carry off. Husking walnuts is one of the more disagreeable tasks and a primary reason many walnuts stay on the ground unharvested by humans. Squirrels of course love them and know that they have to be processed properly before storing them for the winter. After thoroughly husking and cleaning the walnut the shell with the prize nut inside was promptly "squirreled" away for later eating on a dark and cold winter day.
Red Squirrels are rather small and of course cute, but seeing something like this raises my already high opinion of their intelligence and work ethic! The video is processed at 8 times normal speed for a time lapse effect. The actual husking took about 8 minutes of really hard work. 

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