Sunday, October 27, 2013

Free Spooky Halloween Screech Owl Ringtone -Subscriber Appreciation Event!

Free Spooky Eastern Screech Owl RingtoneFree Spooky Eastern Screech Owl Ringtone

This is a special Halloween edition of a high-quality ringtone of an Eastern Screech Owl "trilling" for readers of this blog and Subscribers and viewers of the companion Backyard Birding...and Beyond YouTube Channel. I will continue to have a new and interesting nature ringtone at least every other month. This one is distinctly different than the first ringtone, the mating call of a male Eastern Screech Owl recorded in our backyard at: .

This special Halloween call is the classic "trilling" of an Eastern Screech Owl that people are often startled by the first time they hear it in the woods. The calls are quite loud and last 40 seconds - perfect for the ringtone. The video contains a slide show of our owls along with a reading of Thoreau's thoughts on the this exact call from "Walden".

If the link on the video doesn't appear on your device here is the link to the  free Spooky Halloween Screech Owl Ringtone. It will take you to a Google Drive page with the name "Halloween Eastern Screech Owl Call Download.mp3" in the upper left of the page with a "download" button in the middle. The download address will have a coded URL, but will be put in your download directory with the name: Halloween Eastern Screech Owl Call Download.mp3. 

You can download it to your desktop PC and transfer to your phone's ringtone directory via USB connection or download it directly to your phone. I will not provide technical support as there are many devices out there. On my Droid I simply downloaded it to the download directory and then transferred it to the ringtone directory and selected it as a ringtone. Most devices are similar. Good luck. Thanks for watching and reading and enjoy your new ringtone!
 link to free Spooky Halloween Screech Owl Ringtone
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