Saturday, October 26, 2013

Red Squirrels Kittens Raised in a Screech Owl Nest Box

A mother Red Squirrel raised her five kittens in one of our Screech Owl nest boxes and rather than a nuisance this was a delight. The only regret was not having a camera set up inside. Unlike Gray Squirrels the little Reds don't seem to make a mess of the box and as they have vacated by mid-October the owls can have it back for late winter nesting. I grew rather fond of these little Red Squirrel kittens (that's what baby squirrels are called) and will have some really cute videos in the coming weeks. If you subscribe to the companion YouTube channel you will be sure and get the latest videos - they will be delightful - I guaranty it! Subscribe at: 

Red Squirrel babies (kittens) in a Screech Owl nest box

Two of the five Red Squirrel Kittens - just like owlets they find their first glimpse of humans fascinating.

Red Squirrel babies (kittens) in a Screech Owl nest box

This cute one with the pointy ears spent its early days staring out at the big world out there to be explored.