Friday, November 29, 2013

Bald Eagle and Flock of Crows....Goodyear Blimp

A large flock of crows ushered in by the first cold spell of winter 2013 attracts the interest of a Bald Eagle as the Goodyear Blimp passes over the area - what are the odds of that happening in one day? Crows and Eagles generally don't get along as you can see in this video from last winter:  
Always a rare treat to see an eagle soaring over the yard, but to have the Goodyear Blimp within sight at the same time is way too random to fathom. American Crows are generally not  migratory in the deep south, but they have unique seasonal behavior. They seem to form up into large flocks and move through the area and disperse into the vast interior range lands for the winter or congregate at landfills. I never see individual crows other than maybe one or two days a year in the cool season. They make a ruckus when they move through.
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Bald Eagle and American Crows

Goodyear Blimp over backyard