Friday, November 22, 2013

Funniest and Cutest Baby Squirrels - Really !

Funniest and Cutest Baby Squirrels is not an exaggeration (or"kittens" as squirrel young are called) - perhaps gentle, innocent, and curious. All sorts of words will come to your mind as you watch this video. A mother Red Squirrel high in the Great Smoky Mountains of North Carolina has her hands full raising these precocious youngsters in an Eastern Screech Owl nest box. Try and count how many little squirrels there are as you watch the video! They are still totally dependent on nursing and this is their first morning really beginning to explore the world outside the nest box. Apparently young animals just can't resist squeezing their heads through a nest box entrance - see how owlets do it at:  "Funniest and Cutest Baby Screech Owls"

The music at the end is the appropriate  "Get Outside" by Jason Farnham, courtesy of the YouTube Audio Library.

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Funniest and Cutest Baby Squirrels in owl nest box