Saturday, February 22, 2014

Eastern Screech Owls Return to Nest Box for 2014

The Eastern Screech Owls have returned for 2014! Courtship and mating now - hopefully eggs within 2 weeks! The male can be seen in the outside nighttime video checking out one of the nest boxes - the one they have used for the past three years, but Ms Screech Owl seems to prefer the other somewhat larger nest box and has spent a few days in there sprucing it up. As you can see she was not too happy to have her picture taken for the video thumbnail! She is the same mother from the past three years which is pretty remarkable. If all goes well eggs will be lain in one of the boxes in the next week or two. It is possible that once these owls stake out a box for sure and stop defending one of the boxes that the other box will be occupied by another Screech Owl couple a little lower on the "pecking order" -perhaps their young from previous years. Should be another exciting season - stay tuned! 

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Eastern Screech Owl Nest Box

Not exactly excited at having her picture taken!
Video: Eastern Screech Owls Return to Nest Box for 2014