Thursday, February 20, 2014

Hand Feeding My Blue Jay Buddy

Trained a Blue Jay to eat peanuts from my hand! As with any training, it helps if you have a motivated pupil to achieve success. I've often noticed that one member of a particular species will bond with humans and seem to develop a "deeper" relationship. Of course this usually involves food, and no doubt the balance between a self preservation instinct of avoiding humans and the easy availability of healthy food requires a risk analyses that the most intelligent and savvy are most likely to perform. I'm sure it wasn't my magnetic personality that sealed the deal - in any case we have a win-win relationship. Often the jay will make a very unique call when I approach with peanuts and also a characteristic two beak knocks on wood - that means - Peanut Now!. The preferred method by the Jay is to simply be handed a peanut, if I hold my open hand out it will fly to it. Next on to the Brown Thrasher who is starting to get jealous! Filmed with a cell phone which has advantages for one hand close up work and depth of field but can be a little shaky at times.

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Hand Feeding Blue Jay

Blue Jay