Monday, April 28, 2014

The Greedy Squirrel - Loses Its Nuts !

The Greedy Squirrel Fable - How can you have four of the choicest nuts and end up with only the smallest of the four. I'm sure there is a moral - or several - to this story! The squirrel is really not greedy of course, but the sudden good fortune of finding four nuts has got it excited and no doubt diminished its problem-solving skills. Perhaps taking the largest peanut of all first. Seems like ample opportunity for testing squirrels here. Although a squirrel often stands on two legs it has not learned to walk on two legs and carry nuts - which might be helpful, but quite slow and clumsy. Having put the very smallest nut in its mouth first was the first mistake.  I was just testing out a new lens when this little vignette occurred - nature always holds surprises!

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Eastern Gray Squirrel with nuts