Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Bears Amazing Sense of Smell !

A Demonstration of Bears Amazing Sense of Smell! This beautiful mother Black Bear with three cubs visited the exact same location three different times which provides an excellent example of a bears sense of smell - 7 times better than a bloodhounds and perhaps the best in the world. On the first visit there is birdseed inside a sealed plastic "coffee can" inside the deck box. She readily smells it and deftly flips open the lid with her nose like a pro. After I saw this the deck box was cleaned and kept empty. The next two visits she sniffs the box and can instantly tell there is nothing to eat in there and quickly moves on - even though she could easily flip it open as before to verify - based on scent alone she knows its empty and moves on. Note that the cubs were fascinated by the smell of my sandals as well :-)

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Bears Amazing Sense of Smell