Sunday, November 2, 2014

Feral Cat Documentary Part Two - Ghost Cat?

Feral Cat Documentary - In the first part I successfully socialized and found a home for a wild feral cat:
This is part two:
Am I seeing a ghost?

Almost a exactly a year ago I befriended, captured and successfully found a home for a feral Bengal Spotted Tabby mix that looked exactly like this Cat! It hung out around the fire pit in the backyard and even sat in the same place on the same bench! But this is no ghost cat – this big cat – very obviously a Tom – is even wilder and more exotic than last year's cat.

I had been gone filming in the field for 30 days leaving the Backyard empty – this beast has moved into the void - prowling near dusk! Squirrels missing - or moved to safer territory. Piles of Dove feathers here and there. Now that I'm back that will have to stop!

This can be no coincidence, this handsome wild Creature might be the brother of last year's feral cat. But it looks older, perhaps it could even be its father. Two feral cats with such unusual and impressive genetic characteristics - perhaps a littler of them was abandoned and they are somehow reproducing in the impenetrable brush of the conservation area behind the backyard without mixing with other cats and surviving on the fringes of society. Feral cats are uncommon around here – Although suburban now - Raccoons, foxes, and rarely coyotes and native Bobcats live in the wild places like conservation areas. These feral cats are perfectly suited to blend into the dense dark scrub oak and Palmetto brush – once over the fence they disappear as if by magic.

This cat is not afraid – and I don't think he likes me in “his backyard” – watch closely at the end of the video – He's rubbing the bench to mark territory while I'm watching. Socialization is going to be a greater challenge than last year!!!  

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Feral Bengal Spotted Tabby Cat

Feral Bengal Spotted Tabby Cat