Thursday, November 6, 2014

Six Cute Baby Red Squirrel Kittens !

Six Red Squirrel Kittens came out of the nest in early October. It is always a wild scene when they first start leaving the nest. It does not take long before they are running all over getting into trouble despite Mom's best advice. I believe I have individual videos of each of the six as well as the group in the video. 
There were five baby squirrels in October 2013 living in my Screech Owl Nest box:
This year they stayed back in the forest in a nest that I never found. Nuts are in great supply this fall making for a bonanza for squirrels and bears etc. Perhaps a bumper crop of bear cubs next spring!

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Six Cute Baby Red Squirrel Kittens

Cute Baby Red Squirrel Kittens