Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Frozen Brown Anole Lizard in Florida

Cold Lizard. Found this little Brown Anole Lizard (pronounced“uh – knol -ee”) hard asleep in one of my shoes that I left out on a recent night when it got cold enough to have a little ice in the birdbath. A tip – never put your shoes on without checking inside first when outdoors, especially in Florida – a lot worse things can seek shelter in your shoes! Invasive Brown Anoles are less cold tolerant than the native Green Anole  Lizards, but it hasn't been cold enough to really slow down the Brown Anoles  since the winter of 2011. This little cold snap didn't hurt them. When they are in a helpless state of torpor like this they depend on the kindness of strangers. I'll put her – I think – out in the sun to warm up. These lizards make up a good portion of the nesting Screech Owls diet.

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Frozen Brown Anole Lizard

Video: Frozen Brown Anole Lizard in Florida