Thursday, March 12, 2015

Screech Owl Horse Whinny Call

Owl that sounds like a horse! Eastern Screech Owl sitting on three eggs in the nest box is fed by male and she gives the best example of the classic "Horse Whinny" call I've ever heard. Loud and clear for minutes on end. If you listen closely at the 00:16 second mark you will hear the male outside make the classic trilling call which means - get ready he's bringing food and the outside camera PIP shows the corresponding video. The female goes up to get the food which is pretty big because it takes here awhile to swallow it whole. She must be pretty happy because I've never heard one carry on quite like this. The male comes again with food at the 1:46 mark and you can hear his trilling call outside just before he hands off the food!

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Video: Screech Owl Horse Whinny Call