Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Ruffed Grouse Hen Alarm, Distress and Distraction Calls

Sounds of a Ruffed Grouse Hen calling. This Hen with chicks was spotted along the roadside in the Great Smoky Mountains of North Carolina at the extreme southern end of its North American range. The video shot at great distance is shaky, but the fascinating array of alarm, distress and distraction calls are very good - crank up the volume. One who is not familiar with Ruffed Grouse would not guess these were bird calls from the same bird. Varying between the sound of a small dog barking, a cat meowing or an injured small animal such as a rabbit the Hen runs into the deep forest cover to protect her chicks who instinctively hunker down in the tall grass and will not move until she returns. All the while distracting any predator away from the chicks with her unusual vocalizations.

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Ruffed Grouse Hen Alarm, Distress and Distraction Calls

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