Friday, October 9, 2015

10 Funniest Chipmunk Videos

Their cute looks hide the heart of a comedian - A compilation of 10 of the funniest all-original Chipmunk videos from the Backyard! What makes Chipmunks so cute and funny - perhaps it is their amazing hoarding instinct that takes over when free food is offered which often leads to comedy! 

Chipmunk Attacks Its Reflection in Camera: 
Chipmunks Fourth of July Picnic:
Cute Chipmunk Smells Rabbits: 
Funniest Chipmunk Ever! 
Funny Talking Chipmunk Falls Off Deck ! 
Chipmunk Eats Ear of Corn Time Lapse 
Cute Chipmunk Kisses a Rabbit
Chipmunk Stuffing Its Face 
Bunny Rabbit and Chipmunk Dinner Party Goes Very Wrong! 
plus new original material.

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Cute Funny Chipmunk