Sunday, November 15, 2015

Handsome Feral Jungle Cat Meditation

 Feral Jungle Cat

Relax and contemplate the life of this truly wild and feral Bengal mix cat that survives in the conservation area behind the Backyard. He is rarely seen and it's even rarer to get this big tomcat on film. But checking out some Blue Jay noise behind the back fence I accidentally discovered the big cat's daytime napping spot without him knowing - it was windy and noisy and I was upwind - you will see him smelling into the wind. This encounter was filmed with the camera held over my head just above the fence using the tilt screen so the cat didn't see or sense me until about the six minute mark when I made some noise. Like the ghost that he is - he disappears into the jungle - where humans don't tread! He is a descendant of an abandoned Bengal Cat - his existence - and the plight of all feral cats is human-caused. I have no intention of interfering in this cats life, he is a rat and invasive lizard eater for the most part and he lives with and like the wild creatures that he is - you can see it in his lean, hard cougar-like face. He will never habituate to humans and will live a much shorter life than a typical pet house cat! For previous videos on this amazing cat see:  The Secret Life of a Feral Cat:
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I hope to have a full-length documentary update on this cat later this Fall. If you want a cat for a pet - go to a shelter and adopt one!
Most feral/stray cats lead much different lives than this cat and live in colonies in high density. To find out more about feral cats and what you can do visit the National Feral Cat Day website:
Or visit Alley Cat Allies -
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 Feral Jungle Cat

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