Sunday, February 21, 2016

Japanese Shishi Odoshi "Deer Scarer" Bamboo Water Fountain

Featured in the famous "Kill Bill Vol. 1" fight scene - the Shishi Odoshi or "Deer Scarer" Bamboo Water Fountain would make a fantastic water feature for one's Backyard or "Zen Garden". This one was filmed at the Morikami Japanese Gardens near Boca Raton, Florida. There are many kits and DIY ideas out there, but I have to say, if I was to do one - I would imitate this one, make it big and use natural bamboo and lots of rocks. A relatively simple project that just requires a pump and some imagination. This fountain operates on about a 50 second period and when full of water it falls and makes two loud knocks on rocks and then resets for another 50 seconds. One adjusts the length of the return knocks and how loud the knocks are by how many bamboo cells you open letting a certain volume of water collect and adjusting the pivot point. A large cavity and a slow period and heavy water for a big splash and loud knocks, which is what I would prefer. The ideas is that the loud knocks disturb deer that might eat your garden plants, but it doesn't bother the birds and other little critters. And really it functions as a meditative background. Enjoy three complete cycles of this unique fountain!
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Shishi Odoshi "Deer Scarer" Bamboo Water Fountain