Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Brown Thrasher Ground Foraging Behavior

Brown Thrashers are ground foraging songbirds and one of the rarer and more striking birds to visit the Backyard with their sharp yellow eyes and downward curved bill that gives them a seemingly disapproving expression. Their long legs and a high center of gravity mean it is a bird always on the move, using its curved bill to "thrash" for something to eat. They typically stay in deep cover and only venture out in the open like in this video on rare occasion and then head back to cover. They occasionally come to eat bird seed on platform feeders, but would much rather catch live insects to eat. Related to the Mockingbird they are also some of the best singers of the songbird world, although I have yet to catch one putting on a show - the ones are here tend to be quite secretive.

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Brown Thrasher