Friday, April 28, 2017

Cute Baby Owl In Nest Box

Cute Owlet Watching the World! The eldest baby Eastern Screech Owlet - a red-morph female - is spending all day on the very edge of the nest box entrance watching the world go by. I'm sure she is leaving the box tonight - she's ready! These are the most inquisitive and observant owlets we've had - they are fascinated by other birds, squirrels and people passing by. Because Momma Squirrel grabbed the owls box - and then was killed and her kittens adopted I had to improvise by putting this squirrel box on the back of the house so there is no camera inside the box. Screech Owls are very adaptable to humans and often use holes in structures to make there nest so I've had the best luck simply putting the nest boxes under the gables and eves of the house and outbuildings.

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Baby Owl In Nest Box