Sunday, January 26, 2014

Free Downy Woodpecker Call Ringtone - Subscriber Appreciation!

Free Quality Downy Woodpecker Ringtone Download for YouTube Subscribers and Blog Readers!

Free Downy Woodpecker Call Ringtone for your phone. I will try and have a new and interesting nature ringtone at least every other month for Blog readers and viewers of the companion Backyard Birding...and Beyond YouTube Channel.

Here is the Link to the free Downy Woodpecker Ringtone. On a desktop PC it will take you to a Google Drive page with the name "Downy_Woodpecker_Call.mp3" in the upper left of the page with a download arrow and there will be a "download" button in the upper middle . The download address will have a coded URL, but will be put in your download directory with the name: "Downy_Woodpecker_Call.mp3". However, on some smart phones you'll only see the download button in the middle of the page and the coded file-name may be put in your download directory and look like a bunch of numbers and letters - this is not a problem - simply rename it to "downy woodpecker" for example - it just takes one extra step.

You can download it to your desktop PC and transfer to your phone's ringtone directory via USB connection or download it directly to your phone. I will not provide technical support as there are many devices out there. On my Droid I simply downloaded it and it is stored in the download directory and then I copied it to the ringtone directory and selected it as a ringtone.  I also copied it to the alarm and notification directories as it would be great for these as well. Most devices are similar. Good luck. Thanks for watching and reading and enjoy your new ringtone!
 Link to the free Downy Woodpecker Ringtone.

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