Thursday, January 23, 2014

Hand Feeding Blue Jays Peanuts- Backyard Land Sharks!

Succeeded in hand-feeding our rather large Blue Jays, but almost lost a few fingers in the process ;-) 
Gradually "trained" them to come out in the open to an open hand after bringing the peanuts close to cover initially.  I now have them coming to me to eat at a window in somewhat of an orderly fashion. They are not too concerned about how much skin they get with the peanut as they are not ones to dilly-dally in an open hand! Trust only goes so far. The ubiquitous Blue Jay is taken for granted, but up close and personal they are strong, athletic mini-predators that can take out a lizard, small snake - or a peanut in the blink of an eye and they are the watchdogs of the backyard!

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hand feeding blue jay peanuts