Sunday, January 5, 2014

Transformer Owl - The Original Mini-Documentary

The Real, Wild "Transformer Owl "! They have been called Transformer Owl, Shapeshifter Owl, Evil Owl, Dracula Owl etc. In fact, many small owls use "Concealing Postures" or the German word "Tarnstellung"  to survive in a very hostile world. Far from evil or scary, they are amazing small creatures that have unusual adaptive ability to change their appearance. Perhaps the very best small owl that does this and so much more is the little observed or studied Eastern Screech Owl. Hours of footage over two years of one female Red-Morph Eastern Screech Owl guarding her nest box in Florida were combined into this short mini-documentary so that these amazing creatures can be appreciated for their tenacious survival instincts and dedication to raising their young in a natural environment. 

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Incredible Ability to Alter Appearance - Transformer Owl - The Original Mini-Documentary