Monday, January 27, 2014

Wild Parrots - Feral Blue Crowned Conures in Central Florida!

20 or so Wild Parrots - I believe Blue Crowned Conures -  feasted on the ripe fruit of our Loquat tree this afternoon. First time ever seen in our yard - they are native to South America, but are probably a feral colony established from escaped pets over the years. Unfortunately  they attracted the attention of a big hawk who scared them away before I had time to video them at length. But we have a bumper crop of loquats this winter and I hope they will be back - it's easy to tell when they arrive because they make a tremendous racket, but grow quiet as the eat. They blended in with the dense green and yellow of the loquat tree and it wasn't until they all took off I realized how many there were. A new bird species documented in the "Backyard" and one of the most unique to date - beautiful birds!

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