Sunday, May 4, 2014

Relaxing Nature Meditation: Chuck Will's Widow Calling and Tree Frogs Croaking !

Relax to 25 minutes of Chuck Will's Widow Calling and Tree Frogs - just sound - too dark for video to show up. One of the more unusual and repetitive bird calls - it only calls for a few days before dawn and in the evening - usually in late April or Early May in Florida to find a mate then it is totally silent most of the year. After getting about five minutes of the calls for an early recording I captured this nearly 30 minute continuous recording of the calls between 530 and 6 am in the morning. These calls will either lull you off to dreamy sleep with memories of yesteryear and/or Nature in general - or they might just drive you nuts - there seems to be no middle ground on the calling of the Chuck Will's Widow!

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Chuck Will's Widow Calling